This night picture was shot in February 2011 on the Caribbean island Antigua (& Bardbuda). From the house overlooking English Harbour, only the street lamp and the signal lights of the ships were the sources of light. It reminds me of something my mother led my attention to: In Northern countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, the dark is mostly associated with winter, since the days are short, and too cold to be outside. The opposite thing happens in summer: it is never really dark, because the sun sets around 10 PM and rises around 4 AM. So to a Scandinavian, darkness is mostly a cold and asphyxiating thing. In the Caribbean Islands, my family and I discovered a whole new dimension of darkness: It gets dark around 6 PM, but the darkness is of a kind you could wrap yourself in - like a dress or a piece of fabric. You could sit on the terrace and just look; look into the darkness without freezing, without getting mentally strangled. The Caribbean darkness embraces everything, covers men, trees, and houses with its velvet cape.