In a hostel on Hollywood Blvd., L.A., a woman dressed as a ballerina practiced some dance moves,while a TV shows news about the Japan earthquake and nuclear crisis, while a man in yellow shirt decided to change the channel. Later that day, I walked on Hollywood Boulevard when I saw the woman again. She was standing on the pavement/Walk of Fame in front of Grauman´s Chinese Theather, posing with tourists for 1$ or 2$ tips. Along with a 'Jack Sparrow', a 'Michael Jackson', a 'Cat Woman', and several other people dressed as famous characters or artists, she is making a living of getting the tips. "I can Pay my 25$ a night in the hostel, and food, and the costumes", she said with a smile. In her bag in the hostel she has a costume for Marilyn Monroe, Mary Poppins, Blacks Swan, and White Swan, the last of which she was wearing the day i took her picture. Most recent update: the 19th of March.