In a way, this picture embraces many cliches, and many truths about photography.
We see a bounty beach, a kid is snorkeling in the surface, and in the background a yacht is cruising. The ocean has the color of turquoise, and the sky is bright with a few decorative clouds. Perfection? At least that is how advertisement presents it to us. A picture that has been shot so many times before, and is now a cliche.
On the other hand, it reminds me of how big the difference between life, and photographed life is. When I stood on that beach, I barely realized that I was on a bounty beach. Maybe I wasn´t capable of embracing it, maybe it is not possible to embrace it to it´s fullest extend, because the depiction of “paradise on earth” has got too big, and therefore, too unreal.
This is a strength to photography; The camera lives its own life, and the photographer gets to extract life in a shot, which lasted less than a second. What the audience sees is a picture of life as seen by the photographer; not a picture of reality, because what is reality after all? The weakness is that the audience easily thinks that a picture shows reality. And maybe the photographer sometimes thinks it him- or herself? But the camera lives on itself, and creates a version, a vision, of life. It can lock us down, or open our minds. It can confirm our prejudices, and it can let us stay blind.
This is not just another beach-bounty-advertising-paradise-picture. This is a picture where something very real becomes incredibly surreal – because of the photographic medium. And that is something which excites me a lot about photography!