Maude in her laundry shop. She picks up laundry from the yachts, and private people in English Harbour, and brings it to the village All Saints, where the shop is based. She has three employees, and two adult sons that still live with her. Her granddaughter is seen in the background.

In Antigua I spend almost all my time in the sailing village English Harbour. The village is influenced by all the yachts that spend a lot of their time on the dock here, and so they generate a whole economy; From groceries, crews eating breakfast in a café, laundry that has to be ironed, dinners eaten out, carpentry, car rental, electricians, and so it goes on.
Recently I shot five working women in the village to submit for a photography school. In this post I would like to show you the women who run English Harbour – they give birth to their children, feed them, do the laundry, are wives for their husbands, visit church every weekend, manages a household, and last but not least: they make the money.

Illaria, owner and manager of RumBaba – s small restaurant that has grown incredibly popular since its opening last year. Illaria is originally from Italy, and her partner Serge is from France. He is the chef. The restaurant maintains a low price level, and attracts a lot of the crews for lunch, and dinner.

Maliya, 32 years old, and mother of two children. She provides solely for her children, and works in the bar Skullduggery.

Sandra in the galley of Skullduggery – a small bar with serving. She is the chef, and daily leader. Up until last year she had two jobs, and continued to another restaurant to cook when she left “Skully” at 3 o´clock. She has two kids, a husband, three dogs, and is an active Jehovah´s witness. Also, she bakes cakes for my little brother occasionally.

Joyce, owner of Dockside Liquor & Groceries. The supermarket is the only one located in the village. Food in the Caribbean is more expensive than one would expect, and this shop is no exception. However, Joyce is managing her shop with several employees, and makes life easy for the crews and locals with her long opening hours.