Colors are magnificent. They color our mood, and what one person likes, might awake another one´s disgust. In the past few year, fashion has changed the view on colors. After the economic crisis hit in 2008, grey, black and earth bound shades became dominant. Last summer bright hues, and neon splashes were chic, this summer aqua nuances, white, pastels and scuba-life are desirable.
I am blonde, and so I cannot deal with pinkish colors. I feel like a barbie-doll if I´m wearing something pink, or pick a pink nail polish for my toe nails. However, I can´t resist a perfect pink. Furniture, and flowers in pink hues color me happy. As I am from Scandinavia, my aesthetics will always seek simplistic, clean lines. No pop-culture there, and these flowers caught my eye with their lush, Caribbean look, yet creamy pink.