Wow. The first picture was shot two days ago, the second one around 12 o´clock today, and the last one probably at 10 PM today. I must say that the weather has a huge influence on me. In the Caribbean the weather is consistently lovely, but in Denmark, and Scandinavia for that matter, it changes a lot. Personally, I quite prefer the more consistent one, but for my photography the ever-changing, non-consistent Nordic weather is very interesting.
Last week I went to a well known museum called Louisiana. On show was an exhibit called New Nordic about Scandinavian architecture, and amongst the pieces were these boxes, in which various artists had interpreted or explained what exactly “Nordic” meant to them. In one of them, a Swede said that to him, this clash between the very bright summers and the long, dark, melancholic winters is the substance of “Nordic”. I couldn´t agree more. This weather-relationship has a great impact on me, and I believe that is part of why I appreciate so much living in a consistent climate now. Speaking of the museum, I have some photos to show you. It is one of my favorite places in Denmark, and if you ever come to Denmark, you should definitely go.
Anyway, the skies are magnificent, and tomorrow I´m setting out on a little sail to Sweden. I´m looking forward to it.