I´m back after a lovely sail. The weather was a bit tricky, and I had to buy a rain suit! Thanks to Swedish rain suit makers, they offer a wide variety at favorable prices. Would you like to see it?
Today the sun is shining. What a thrill. Just like last week (yes, it´s about a week ago the last time we had a whole day with sunshine), when I took these pictures in Northern Zealand. I went for a bike ride, and took a bath along the coast. You can see all the way to Sweden when you are up there, and the ocean and the sky. I love it. Also, it´s expensive real estate there, but some of the houses are so spectacular. Like the one on the third picture. It reminds  me of my days in School of Architecture. It´s all about opening your eyes to new ways of seeing.

Best, Rawview

PS. I´m looking for a blog-layout that offers much wider pictures, and at the same time is just as clean, white, centered and simple as this layout. It´s driving me nuts.