Wow. The weather hasn´t been much summer like lately, but it is indeed summer in Denmark. After some anticipation I finally settled with the idea of being back in Denmark. I guess I´ve been afraid of falling back into the Danish mood, and with the anxiousness of taking chances that comes with it.
As you can see I´m quite into flower shots. Just check out these pictures from last summer. I think it´s because I really appreciate the aesthetics of the Scandinavian flowers,; simple, clean lines with a hint of color. The other day I looked through some of the old pictures I shot here in Denmark before I left last year in October. It´s funny, because I never put them on the blog, but they have a somewhat significant story to tell. More about that later…And apart from enjoying a bit of vacation I´m still crazy about the Jobs-biography. It is so inspiring. Also, I´m doing a magazine. All from scratch. That´s even more exciting. So life is quite lovely at the moment. Hope you all are enjoying summer wherever in the world you are – and not in front of the screen 🙂


ps. I am big fan of (fashion/lifestyle)blogs, and these ones are great entertainment with great pictures: