So many changes, so many new ways of living, so much change of season. All life, changes occur. One of my favorite bloggers, Naomi, just moved to New York – with two small children! Wow. For me, I now live in Denmark, I am looking for a job, and after almost a year on the road I am sort of back home. I like to consider this another adventure, another journey. Hopefully I will be on the road again at some point…
As you know, this blog has been a lot about traveling – I founded it when I crossed the USA, and now, a year and a half later I find myself older, and very much more experienced. Yet just as sensitive, blue-eyed, and blond 😉
It´s been a great journey, from crossing a continent to crossing an ocean. It´s been a huge journey inside myself, and in the world. Many thoughts have been thought, and many dreams have been dreamed. Wednesday September 12th I turned 21 (aha!). The journey I´m on now is somewhat surreal, it´s the one I had never thought about, and it can be challenging. Sometimes I really do miss the road, the exploring, and most of all: my loved ones. My mum and little brother are still in the Caribbean, and some days are like “God, I miss them, when is the next plane departing?”. But there are also days where I realize how much potential there is in a big city for me. For instance, last Sunday I took pictures of this ethereal, gorgeous girl, Sofie Marie. I am going to show you the pictures, because she was something very special.
Speaking of change, the weather has begun to change. It´s getting colder, I´ve started to put on the heater, and I tell you: The September light in Scandinavia. Dear lord… Fashion week is on, and it touches something very deep inside of me. The colors, the materials, the beauty. Since age 12 I´ve been a secret fashion lover. I know probably all the top models, the designers, their stories, the trends. Sometimes I think to myself: why haven´t I taken this serious sooner? Anyway, I wish you all a wonderful weekend. If you are on twitter I invite you to check out my twitter-account at LukaMNR


PS. I had breakfast on the bed  on my B-day. How lucky can one be? Feel so grateful.