Alrighty, here we go again…
I´m on twitter @Lukamnr, and I got to think: what is it that makes my favorite tweeters so great? First of all they know something about what they tweet about. Whether it be journalist Nick Kristoff or fashion blogger Derek Blasberg or even the 94 year old New Yorker Muriel, who is just so clever and life experienced, as only a 90-something woman can be. It´s these people, who really know a LOT about their field, that write these super clever and funny tweets. It is so inspiring to follow these people.
Next on my list is yoga..oh la la, went to my first class today, and I think I´m hooked. It was a bit too crowded, but that as well was inspiring. What about you – any experience with that field?
Above is a very silly photo of me. Wish I could submit that kind of picture to employers, because in a way it sums up really well who I am… or maybe it just pictures me as a crazy person. Dunno if that is good or bad.. on that note: Have a lovely night!