plays a special part for me. Since I was a baby my parents have taken me here, and it always feels like home.

The museum is situated in an old villa facing the ocean, Øresund, in Humlebæk. When standing on the lawn in front of the museum you can see all the way to Sweden! By time more buildings have been added. Part of the extraordinary vibe is the location, and the buildings: the architecture seeks to bring nature to the interior, and the surroundings are stunning. There has been put so much thought to the materials, and the details. This place is a source of a lot creativity, and inspiration.
Then of course there are the exhibitions, which are always at a very high level. They showcase some of the greatest modern artists.
I´ve collected some of my photographs from Louisiana.

The pictures above are from the auditorium. The mix between the huge windows facing the ocean, a giant painting, and proper crafted chairs make me ecstatic. Even notice the floors. More to come on that in the next post.