Remember Blomsterskuret from this post? well, I´m still obsessed with this unique place.

Wow. I started in a new job on Monday, and things have been crazy busy ever since. This weekend has been so good though; had a relaxing sleep over at my Grandmother´s, then out with some friends on Saturday, and today has been all about finishing my book, lying in bed, and washing sheets.
I so wanted to take some photos this weekend, but I never got around to it. Instead I found these ones going back 4 weeks time or so. I am such an undisciplined photographer; I don´t always edit straight after shooting :)But here they are, and there are more to come.

Hope everyone out there had a lovely weekend ❤


On a beautiful Saturday morning in Septmeber…
Still life interior shoot – from my room! Fresh flowers are always a hit, and having a place that you really love isn´t too bad either 🙂
& Værnedamsvej as mentioned before, but look how inspirational that little street is. Even the bricks are decorated.