Finally. It´s weekend. I guess I´m not the only one who loves the sacred two days off work. These two days are spent doing all the things our daily routines keep us from. And often the weekend is spent not doing what we want, because we are simply too exhausted! At the moment I work from 8-17 (!) Monday to Friday, so I really do look forward to the relaxed sigh on a Friday. You know, when you get home, settle, read your fav blogs, check the news, e-mails, and so on knowing that you have plenty of time. Time, so so important to me. Time to do projects, read, explore the city, meet friends, do some shopping, clean, wash, and make everthting neat and nice to another week – and of course take pictures. So, how do you spend your weekend? Is every weekend different, or do you have your own schedule that you´re religious about? Oh, and what is your favorite Friday Soundtrack? Personally, Peggy Lee´s Fever is a favorite. I just so love these two and half days. Tonight it´s “Cultural Night” (Kulturnat) in Copenhagen. The city is boasting with cultural events, happenings, and offers. I can´t wait to kick start the weekend that way!

Happy Friday to everyone!