This picture was shot last Friday. On my way home from work I stopped and snapped some of the runners. Now it´s been massively grey and rainy for 4 days, so there is no point of showing pictures of that. It only leads to pure depression.

Whoa. Yesterday a new week started, and tomorrow it´s already midway. I made a major decision yesterday, and a major one is always followed by smaller ones. So I do try to keep focused. Right now I´m whipped out, but last night the adrenalin was pumping so I did a few (oh, do I dare say it) Yoga BREATHINGS! aha. To calm it a bit. It´s so funny with yoga: probably one of the few over hyped things that actually deserve to be hyped (at least in my opinion). Yup, I´m on it. For the situation now, I guess there is only one thing to say: Sleep will help.

Good night to everyone, in America, Europe and Asia!