After 5 days of grey mornings I finally woke up to some color on the sky. The light in the morning, and just before sunset (around 16-18 these days) is my favorite to shoot in. How about you – what time of the day is your favorite for photography?
Let´s see if the weekend will leave some time to add more to the endless pile of photos; it is supposed to be sunny weather tomorrow. YAY!
Also, very important: it´s Friday, and after careful consideration I would like to declare “Friday after work” as my favorite day of the week. It is priceless to sit and edit photos, listen to music, light some candles, and go out with friends in the night.
Soon, very soon, I have some news to break.. A hint could be: the nature of this blog, travel, is about to be relevant again. I can´t wait…

Happy Friday to you!