At the bus stop one morning I peeked through a hedge – and look how lovely this house was decorated.

These baby pumpkins are just irresistible – and perfectably suitable for Halloweenish/Autumn interiors. I mixed them with my favorite Australian Anemones and orange berries.
Before it gets so cold that your toes literally freeze, everyone takes advantage and go for long walks. Autumn is perfect for that. No matter if it´s in a forest or a big city – the scents are some of the best.
October is also the month where the leaves go from green to orange to yellow. And with a two-year old by your side, and a duck in the water, it doesn´t get more beautiful.

For runners, this is the last month where you can do outdoor work out and still be happy (and warm) about it.

Summers often fail in Denmark, but for some reason Autumn never misses out. Thank god, because mornings like these stay with me long after they evaporate into daylight.

Oh, October. Autumn always arrives early in Scandinavia. There are so many things to love about this time of the year, but there is a great paradox to it, because the sky is not more special than on a morning in July, but we kind of upgrade it with the label “autumn”, as if it is more special, more outstanding. But really, it´s not. All this being said, I did collect some photos I shot in October. I just wanted to show them…because believe it or not after Autumn comes Winter. And Winter is long, cold, grey, and mostly miserable. So I do want to cherish these silly two and a half months called September, October & Half November. Cherish them, because what comes afterwards is almost unbearable. Now, that is why fall is so special