I shot this picture tonight. I went up to Louisiana to take a look at their new exhibition. Stay tuned – magical pics are coming up

31st of October – wauw. Tomorrow I think it´s kind of officially winter here in Denmark. Despite the super storm Sandy wrecking New York State and the Caribbean (I send all my deep felt thoughts to everyone affected), I would love to be in the US right now. Or just Britain for that matter; just anywhere Halloween is celebrated. A festive celebration is so needed this time of the year. On Sunday we all turned our clocks one hour back, and sadly lost an hour of daylight. Almost like waving goodbye to your first teenage love that you know you will never see again. But then, six months later you´re in love with someone new.
In my case, I do everything to cozy-up my space. Candles are lit every evening (and day), I make sure to have fresh flowers or similar decoration. Also, I turn op the heat, I keep a spare blanket by hand for covering frozen feet, and I stock up on sweaters! No to mention: I find a book to good not to read.
So, what are your ways, tips & tricks to get by the cold winter times? I have friends in Canada, who sure know how to deal with the colder climates, so pls share!