Remember when I talked about the Silhouette of a City? Right now I find myself in one of the most distinct cities when it comes to spirit. I love this place. Everyone does, and even though there has been shot thousands and thousands of pictures of this city, the possibilities still seem endless: the architecture, the aesthetics, the people. Up until now I have never thought of the Frenchmen as particular stylish, however that point of view has changed: I am astonished by how well-tailored, personal, and characteristic so many of the Parisians are. So many times a day I stop on the street, start debating with myself whether to chase another stranger down to take his/her photograph. Days here are spent walking, eating, watching. I can just say: I can´t get enough of it. It feels so utterly good to be traveling again, back where this blog started: on the road.
And for the record: I am still trying to overcome my shyness. How do YOU guys take pictures of strangers? Where do find the courage, and HOW do you do it? Aggggh, I really need the tips.

Best, Luka