A man reading his newspaper in the Café

My brother (what you don´t see is the iPhone on the table.ha)

Paris was dazzling. As always, the city of love, the home of some of most beautiful places, and the foster mum of the greatest artists in history welcomed me with its open arms.
My brother studies a semester in Paris, so I packed my bags before heading to the Caribbean, and spent a week with him – and Monet, baguettes and Cafées. Not to mention the food department of Le Bon Marché. hehe… Google it.
It was truly a lovely week, and I´m so happy I got to spend time with my brother, because it will be almost a year till I see him again.

Now, the pictures above were shot in a small café, one of those you will find on just about every street. It was close by Centre Pompidou, where we were headed next. A good way to spend a Friday.

xx Luka