Today I came around this site (sometimes I´m so slow with new website) – Grooveshark. I´ve been dreaming about a similar site to Youtube, but without the videos. So I´m hooked. Katjaouw.
Sometimes I feel like I need new input visually, musically and literary. Especially when you find yourself on a Caribbean island with 80,000 inhabitants, and a limited cultural scene. But then again, I consider the Atlantic coastline daytime paired with the incredible star sky every night my private movie theater 😉
Though every now and then I feel the restlessness that even hits me when I am a big city. Don´t you now that feeling? (It sounds so spoiled to admit it, ha). So, besides from looking at the ocean, working long hours, feeling the sun kiss my skin, drink liters and liters of water every day, paint my toenails, and kiss my little brother (and oh! pet our dog´s tiny puppies!) I listen to music on Grooveshark, chill out reading blogs and Danish web-news, and obsess about Pinterest. I have an account there, and one on Twitter as well.
The internet really is a blessed friend; it allows people never to feel isolated. No matter if you sit on the most beautiful little Island, or in a flat in a busy metropol.
This post really is turning into a mess, but I have been absent for a while so I guess there are quite a few thought bumping around inside my head.
So, everybody (read: the news medias) talk a lot about how social medias, and the role they play in the lives of millions of people. But how do you incorporate the social medias in your daily life? I find this so interesting, especially because for me it changes depending on where I am geographically, as well as in my life.
So long for now .. enjoy your weekend 🙂