Photo on 2012-11-03 at 13.38 #2
What a silly billy… the mandatory photo-booth shot taken in Denmark short before departure.

When I opened my mail box this evening I found an e-mail from the WordPress team. They´d put together an annual report describing number of visitors, likes and so on. All presented in the cutest artwork, which I´m a sucker for. It´s my second time receiving such report since I started this blog in February 2011. It made me think about how much I appreciate this little space. How happy I get every time someone chooses to “like” a picture of mine, or even comment on it. I don´t blog regularly; I blog when I produce work. Of course this sets me apart from many other photography bloggers, and bloggers in general; in order to get many views one has to produce posts close to every day. Sometimes I wish I had a slightly larger audience, but then I remember why I love my blog: it gives me the opportunity to showcase my work without being forced to produce. If a picture isn´t good enough I (almost) never post it.
Since I started taking pictures I have met some resistance. I did apply for a photography school, I did show my pics to professionals, and I did apply for certain competitions, and I would probably have to apply for a lot more, maybe ten or hundred times more, but what I found is that I´m not suited for the game. I´m too vulnerable. I just don´t want all the rejections, and maybe I´m just not good enough 😉 So I made another deal with myself: never to stop taking pictures, always to let it be part of my life.
See, for the past 1,5 months I´ve been in Antigua (to new readers, I have lived in the Caribbean Island before, and live here now) I haven´t been able find my tone, my photographic melody. In Paris, even in Copenhagen, it came genuinely, but sometimes the exciting, and sometimes sorrowful turbulence of life comes in the way. As if a cork was stuck in my heart, and kept the flow from going on. That´s who I am, and I´m happy to have You with me on my journey.
On that note, may 2013 be the best year ever for everyone! Have the best night ever, and do be careful with the fireworks!

xx Luka