The orange typography, the light blue background, and the message. Not to mention the thrill of a new, unread magazine. Perfect for a new year.
The many faces of my brother. here, the silly one, and the
cute one.
The cloth on my bed – a  Christmas present from my mum,
and my brother ❤
The rich colored vegetation in the Caribbean
The sun in my face every day

When you live in the Caribbean it isn´t difficult to find five things that make you smile, and evoke a happy feeling. Nonetheless I like the idea about reminding oneself about the precious little things that make a difference. Not the large, life-changing moments, but the ones you have to remember as well, because really, they are the ones that make for a happy life. So, without sounding anymore cheesy (oh, how written texts can fool me around), happy Friday, everyone!

❤ Luka