Rawview was never meant to be about me, but the pictures I take. Now I realize that obviously it´s also about me. So, here comes one of the more personal posts.

I remember a night in December 2010. I had just flown back from the caribbean after I had spent two weeks in the sun. Six months before that I had graduated from college, but despite a strong wanderlust I had decided to stay in school.

At that time I was enrolled in an architecture program, and was supposed to go back after christmas. But something had been lit inside me. It was like that trip to Guadeloupe kickstarted me.

It didn´t take me long to make the decision to quit the university program, collect my savings, book a ticket, pack my suitcase and off I went on January 1st 2011 (1/1/11 – how cool is that?).

As Rawview turned 2 years in February I have collected pictures from the two years that have gone by. For a long time I thought it was sort of forbidden to change the way you blog, that you had to stay true to your concept and bla bla… anyway, I think I´m ready for change. Ready to take it to the next level (hopefully for the better!). We´ll see what the next level is, but the first step on that road is a new layout. Finally. It has taken some time, and I´m super happy with it. I hope you like it too! 🙂 haha..

So, I just want to thank all the incredible and kind peopleI´ve met on my way. The ones who sheltered me, those who became my friends, and those who were there. It has been two of the most crazy years, and I think I´ve found a fantastic continuation…but more about that another time 🙂

Finally, a BIG thank you to all of you who read along in here. I hope you´re still with me.

xx Luka

So many plane trips... here from Antigua to NYC.So many plane trips… here from Antigua to NYC.
mappe2# 002and my first hostel (almost)!
mappe2# 335South Beach, Miami. Crazyness, in the good way.
TantaRyan1Tanya Ryan! A seriously awesome, young woman I fell for.
DSC_1351I drove across the North American continent on buses like this one. Feel your but getting flat? Yup! Here, in Rocky Mountains.
DSC_0039 2San Diego, CA. I don´t dare remember the bus ride, but I do dare wanting to go back. City+beach=perfection.
DSC_0307During the life of the blog, I´ve spent 10 months in Denmark. It has always been a bit ambivalent, but for sure beautiful.
IMG_2439sometimes even in company of some super beautiful girls 🙂
5I lived and worked 8 months on this boat… 38 meter long, a whole bunch of sea-sickness and an experience for life.
Damn, New York, my love. I´m sort of always waiting to go back..

DSC_0243DSC_0156 1a short trip to my beloved Sweden, with lil-bro!
IMG_4138A swing by Paris!
IMG_4334Looking at art at the Pompidou. woo! (feel me getting all excited with the exclamation marks?) (!)
IMG_4433Favorite! from Le Marais.
IMG_1242I said goodbye to a very special friend.
DSC_0304Virgin Gorda. give me more.
IMG_5101bonfire on the beach. the best.

ps. I gave up on listing the photos chronically. I´ve been jumping between countries too much to keep track. Sorry!